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Reasons why January is THE month for traveling and staying at a hostel

December is an awesome month to travel, but if budget traveling is your thing - then January's the month to go. Image via Grosen Hain

December is an awesome month to travel, but if budget traveling is your thing – then January’s the month to go. Image via Grosen Hain

We all know why December’s a good month for traveling. Christmas is the international symbol for family time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean staying at home. New Year comes with even more desire for exploration. Even though the resolutions are nothing but clichés most of the time and they don’t last much, a traveler would never deny himself the pleasure of another fantastic journey. If not for the sake of new promises, at least because there are lots of reasons why January is, in fact, the one month of the year we should be taking seriously into consideration when planning trips. Here’s why:

The prices

This is the main reason – everything is so cheap in January! People are often afraid to recommend so-called dead periods as great times to travel, but we should reconsider this statement, and start thinking outside the box – the economic benefits are huge.

Image via Five Dollar Travel.

The air travel industry recognizes a period as ‘dead’ due to the lack or small number of flights taking place. And as basic capitalism knowledge would suggest, this is also the time of the year when some of the most consistent discounts are offered. All you have to do is wait until the beginning of January when the discounts will boom and book your ticket then. December is one of the most expensive months to travel, because of the peak season, reason for which you won’t see any truly significant discounts until the beginning of January, when it’s best to act.

And if we’re speaking of industries, everything’s cheaper this time of year: from museums to theaters, concerts and even pubs, not to mention how affordable it becomes to even come shopping in a new country where you’ve always wanted to buy yourself a pair of boots from.

But it’s not just the travel companies who suffer of lack of customers during this time of year, the hostels are in the same situation as well. After a month as full as December, one would only expect the discrepancy to feel even more powerful that it would normally seem, which is why many hostels offer discounts as well. After cleaning the mess from the New Year’s party, the hostel staff often starts noticing the difference of atmosphere – instead of hundreds of people calling daily to ask for just another spare room, there is very rare activity in the empty rooms.

Of course, most people don’t travel in January – and if you do, you’ll also have the luxury of avoiding the huge lines and crowded areas. You’ll be able to eat in whatever restaurant you want, you’ll enjoy peace and quiet, and you’ll be able to do things in your own way – no rush, no worries, just peace and quiet.

So, have we convinced you yet? There’s still a bit to go from this month, what are your travel plans for the start of the year?

Ridiculously Cheap European Hostels for your Winter Travels

Whether you like hostels because of the atmosphere, because you like meeting new people or for whatever other reason, the fact that hostels are cheaper is also a welcome advantage. But while that’s true for the entire year round, it’s even more so in the off season. Here is a list of ridiculously cheap (and awesome) hostels you can choose for your autumn and winter travels:

Czech Republic, Prague

PLUS Prague Hostel (2.5 euro / $3.1).

Prague is an amazing city – be sure to plan a trip there if you haven’t already. Image credits: NY Times.

Seriously, you can stay in Prague, in the heart of Europe for $3. How awesome is that?! The offer is available in the 12 people room for a maximum stay of 3 nights however, and you can also opt for breakfast for a price of 5 euro – two times more than for the room.

The price is so low that I had to double check to see if it’s right. Oh, and if you’re thinking the hostel is clearly lower quality because of the price, well, think again! It has a really good rating of 87% on Hostel Bookers, and the reviews I’ve read were pretty good.

Apparently, the only thing people aren’t especially satisfied with is the fact that even though the hostel is big and has many visitors, there’s no big area to socialize.

Czech Inn (4 euro / $5)

Apparently, the offer is available only for the 8 bed male-only dorm. There is also a huge 36 bed dorm which costs 50% more (for whatever reason). The maximum stay they allow is 7 days, and there is a minimum period of 2 days between check out and check in – I can only imagine that because it’s so cheap, people actually use it to live there, or at least spend lots of time there.

Miss Sophie’s (4 euro / $5)

The same price, but again, the offer is available only for guys, this time in an 18 bed dorm. If you want to spend time in the mixed room, the fee is more than double at 9 euro.

What I found interesting is that this hotel has a rating of 91% over at Hostel Bookers, so again, it’s likely top quality (though that type of reviews can often be misleading).

Sir Toby’s (4 euro / $5)

I don’t know who Toby is, but he’d likely get along with Miss Sophie, because the price is identical. Again, the offer is available only for guys, but the good news is that the 12 mixed or female dorm in the hostel is much cheaper, at under 7 euro.

You’ll have to catch a tram to get downtown fast, but there are plenty of sights and marketplaces in the neighborhood to make for a nice yet lengthy walk.

Poland, Krakow

Benedict Hostel (3.8 eur / $4.7)

Krakow – a truly beautiful city. Image credits: Sumfinity.

It’s not just the Czechs who offer incredibly low prices for hostels. Krakow is an amazing city with a vibrant life and lots of history – and they’re really determined to bring travelers there. So determined that you can stay in an awesome hostel like Benedict for under 4 euro!

Oh, and no more “males only” like in Prague – the offer is available for both the 9 and 6 bed dorm in shared rooms. The location is also good, a mere 5 minute walk from the city center. The only thing you should be careful with is that they don’t accept credit cards.

Atlantis Hostel (5 euro / $6.24)

I told myself I won’t be including any hostels with prices of 5 euro. Yep, that’s pretty much where we draw the “ridiculously cheap” line, and the Atlantis hostel just barely fit in. You get to sleep in the 10 bed mixed dorm. I really like their by-line:

Hostel Atlantis, with one of the lowest prices in the centre of Krakow, guarantees comfortable conditions, safety, an ideal location, and the friendly services of our young receptionist team.

Do you need anything else? Probably not. So why pay more?

Yeah, pretty good point there.

Dizzy Daisy Hostel (4.8 euro / $6)

The Dizzy Daisy is one of the first hostels in Krakow, and to this day, it has maintained its youthful and pleasant spirit. I’ve actually been here, and it was really nice. They offer free tea and apples, as well as other snacks they might have available. The courtyard is also really nice, and all in all, it’s a great value for the money.

Hi 5 Hostel, Budapest (4.8 euro / $6)

The Hi 5 Hostel is a great place to have fun and meet new people. They often do drinking parties, pub crawls… drinking crawls… you get it.

There will be music, there will be drinking and people just having a general great time!

I dislike the fact that they mention that the hostel is not for people over 30.

How to work at hostel in Europe and travel for free

What is it about?

We’ve all been there: you’re falling for a country so much that you’d like to spend the entire summer there (or winter). Here, I will provide a solution to your problem: working at a hostel. You not only get to live in a country and make a decent living, but you also get to meet lots of new cool people, and at the same time, you’re connected to all the touristic events. What’s not to like?

There are lots of people, especially working in hostels, who used to be travelers and then happened to have a crush on some place and remained there. The good news is that there’s an ascending market for jobs in hostels because of the increasing number of people who ask for this kind of service. It’s partly why there are niche hostels, from the very popular party ones to chill-out-hippie and family hostels. Truth is, Europe’s starting to appreciate this kind of accommodation more and more and this translates to more jobs for those who’ve always dreamed of wandering through mother Europe. The ‘deal’  we’re talking about is just as simple as this: search for a hostel in need of more staff, pack, go there and either volunteer (just food and accommodation) or ask for a paid position. Either way, visit for free.

How to make this come true?

First of all, start with the beginning: search on the online platforms. The trick is, and this applies particularly to very famous destinations, there’s a big chance for the hostels in the biggest cities to have listed their working opportunities. Some of the most popular sites to begin your search are HostelWorld, Hostelbookers, Of course, this depends on the competition. If you’re interested in a big city but you’re not looking for work in the peak season, you may not find the offers online. The early summer is the best period to look for hostel jobs, but you can do it sometime else as well.

Either way, if you didn’t find a hostel looking to complete their staff where you want to go, the best solution generator is The European Union Federation of Youth Hostels Associations. According to this institution, the best alternative is looking for individual hostels for summer jobs opportunities, since there is no central database. Among the reasons for which they’re suggesting this, is the fact that some of the hostels which didn’t post their offers online may offer you better opportunities than the ones that did.

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

So what you should do is just look for hostels and call or email them personally. This way, you communicate that you’re actually interested and this is not just some Sunday idea. And since you’re already perceived as being serious, it wouldn’t kill to let them know a little about your previous experience in anything that’s related to the field, from waitressing to cleaning or customer service. Heck, just tell them you’re willing to work and learn, hostel staff are generally travelers, and they appreciate honesty.

Another thing to be taken into consideration is speaking the language – if not fluently, at least conversationally decent. English is a must, especially if you want to work at reception, but it’s preferred for you to have some knowledge of their own language. It’s both a sign of interest in their culture and a necessity as an employee.

As about the specifics, there are some countries regarding to which you’ll have to ask for information at your consulate or embassy, but it’s really nothing serious to worry about. The procedure isn’t as complicated as it may sound. But there are some glitches. For instance, Switzerland doesn’t allow visitors to volunteer, England and France only allow the visitors to volunteer for a period of 90 days, after which there are visa and special work requirements.

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

But supposing you found a hostel, before accepting an offer try to research some of their life-style specifics, along with the costs that come with those. For instance, the tourism related figures and the cost of living are very important. Traveling through volunteering in a hostel isn’t that much about poetry and if you don’t do the right things at first it will be hard to enjoy it. And since this kind of beats the point of going abroad, don’t let yourself put off by this little research you have to do. After all, it’s your dream we’re talking about and it would better be worth some effort.

What to do?

About the types of jobs, there’s really a variety of things you can choose from. Depending on your personal and professional experience, you can be anything from cashier to reservation desk officer or waiter. Since most of the hostels won’t pay if you ask to volunteer, you may be required to work part-time in your alternating days. But it’s not necessary.

For instance, if you’re accustomed to the service sector, you can ask for a paid job and even for a management position. Of course, this way the procedure would have to be a little more professional before you actually get to have the job. For managing positions, it’s really necessary to have some prior experience with hostels, otherwise nobody would hire someone who’s unqualified. You have to show some perspective of how the hostel is run and to understand the key aspects of the job.

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

Even if you don’t find the kind of offer you think is best suited for you, you can accept a post on the reception for a couple of months, starting from the premise that they’ll promote you once they see your experience. For many of the hostel owners, it’s hard to tell who’s good for the position and who’s just good with words, so you have to give them time. Plus, it’s the traveling experience you’re looking for, isn’t it?

Where am I going?

If there’s no special place you’re looking for and you haven’t decided where but you know you want to, here are some possibilities.

Eastern Europe. Romania, Bulgaria, Poland or Ukraine are not very old on the hostel scene so they won’t be very eager to pay you. But if you’re willing to volunteer, you’ll have some amazing experiences. They’re pretty open to new cultures and they love tourists. Not just the mix of cultures, but the chance to make a foreigner speak nicely of their country is one of the best things they could think of. It’s not just the image they’re talking about (essentially because media’s not very easy on them), but it’s the experience. So yes -they may not be able to literally pay you, but they’ll be as hospitable and sweet as they know to. The countries are also quite cheap, so that may make up for the lack of salary


– As about the ex-Yugoslavia and Greece, there’s a good chance you won’t find any opportunities here. They’re more bitter than the rest, but once you’ve got a job there you’re going to be treated with respect. Turkey is another possible destination. Due to their growing tourism you’ll most certainly be accepted to volunteer, but you shouldn’t expect to be paid properly, and your role there will be just to make sure the hostel’s cut multicultural environment off their must-have list. You’ll be treated nicely, they’re good fellas, but you won’t make profit. The good news is for most of these countries you don’t have to worry too much, since they’re not the most wealthy nations in the EU, the prices are decent and you won’t be spending much.


Western Europe. Here’s where there are most of your chances to get a paid position. Of course, most of the hostels offer the possibility to volunteer, but if you’re going for a longer period of time, you should ask for the paid one. Of course, saving up some money from this business is quite an impossible mission. But you’ll have the possibility to see the country, visit the most amazing places and not starve in a carton box while at it. As about any country between Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal or Italy, if you happen to speak their official language and have some experience in the filed, they’ll be more than welcome to hire you for good. If you don’t speak the language, there’s still hope! If you’re a native English speaker (or at least speak it fluently), there’s a good chance you might get a job, especially in a multicultural environment.

Still in doubt? Basic Pros and Cons

Pro: You’ll meet wonderful people, from different environment and cultures and it will be just pure bliss to share stories and experiences.

Con: You may not always have time to talk to them as much as you’d like to, because of your job. Also, some of them may not be interested to talk to the employees, depending on how smug they are.

Pro: You get to visit as much as you wish in your free time outside your shifts. And the costs are less because you don’t have to pay for food and accommodation.

Con: If it’s peak season, there’s a good chance you’ll be working more than you’d expect.

Pro: You can offer people invitation to your country and even get some yourself, this way starting a small network of people who visit each others’ countries. Or just have some meaningful contact with different individuals.

Oh, and the biggest one of all: You get to spend time in that city you love so much, and live an enriching experience which you will carry along forever.


Best places to stay at in Stockholm. A guide for budget travelers

The Scandinavian lands are amazing for any traveler, be you backpacker on a budget or simply interested in visiting as much as possible. But in order for this to happen, it’s really necessary that you look for the best places where you can stay. Stockholm’s not one of the European’s most expensive cities to visit, in spite of the great economic level of Sweden. It’s even recommended to stay at a hostel because, besides being addicted to technology, the people here can be very friendly if you only give them the time to get to know you at least a little. As about the travelers, most of the people who decide to stay at hostels in Stockholm are some of the world’s most typical backpackers – they love partying, they like comfort and didn’t forget their manners at home. But it never kills to have a list of the best places where it’s most likely to find the things you’re expecting.

1. Backpackers City Hostel is your best choice if what you’re looking for in a great accommodation is comfort and impecable services. Talking to the staff here can transform even your worst moods into amazing mornings, they’re always ready to help you with any kind of service or information that you’d like having and what’s really to be appreciated is that they’re not just polite – they’re genuinely friendly and like to enrich their experiences by making friends with the tourists. They’re not too loud or overly friendly wither, so if you’re not the most talkative person in the world it shouldn’t be a problem either. You’ll find that privacy is really respected here and if there’s something you really should be taking into consideration is not to bring too much luggage because the rooms aren’t the biggest ones you’ll find at hostels. The problem, however, isn’t about this hostel in particular, but about beginners’ guide to backpacking and/or hitchicking. Being placed right in the center of the city makes it really suitable for anyone who’s purpose in Stockholm is visiting and the best part is that you don’t even have to choose between this and socializing. Not meeting new people that you’ll love talking to (or drinking a beer, playing board games) because of the huge common areas. The living and the TV area are always full of people who, just like you, made a purpose out of talking and socializing with fellow strangers.



2. Best Hostel City is a pretty colorful place, and you’ll love it especially if you appreciate beer – the place used to be a beer factory before it was turned into a hostel. As about the facilities here, you’ll find free lockers, free Wi-Fi, rooms with either shared or private bathroom according to your preferences, a continental daily free breakfast made of cereals, bread ans jelly, along with tea and coffee at your service the entire day. Clothes hangers, laundy facilities, board games, all kinds of magazines to introduce you in the Scandinavian world, computers at your service. And if you’d like to stay close to the center of the city, you’ll be more than glad to find out that the commercial street Drottninggatan is only 300 meters far from the hostel and a 15 minutes walk to the old town that, by the way, you can’t afford to miss visiting. Great and functioning kitchen equipment is at your service during your entire stay as well, there’s hot water ofr whenever you want to take a shower regardless of the moment of the day. Another huge plus of this hostel is the amazing prices. This is indeed the kind of hostel where there’s nothing you could complain about. Of course, personally I would recommend visiting the place (and by place, I mean Stockholm) during the spring or summer time and if so the very colorfully arranged rooms are only going to make your days better and sunnier. What makes it look very sophisticated and people come back over and over is the extreme simplicity used in designing both the rooms and the common areas. It seems somehow bohemian, given the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the refined air offered by the very central position. It’s really worth taking into consideration and it’s close to everywhere you’d like to be.


3. In case you’re looking for a way to make your trip special, Gällnö is where you must go to. It’s a little outside Stockholm itself, and the access is only made by boat. But it’s really amazing and worth the effory. This island is one of the Sweden’s most appreciated places because of the serenity and tranquility of the place. And if you come to think of it, there’s absolutely no reason to find it otherwise than amzing because after a long day on the city rush when you’ve visited all the attractions in order not to miss to many sights while you’re in Sweden, sleeping in a peaceful place that looks like tanek out from a fairy tale isn’t really that bad. In fact, I can’t think of anything more you could ask for.

The forests, the rocky vegetation and the beaches make the whole experience add to the beauty of the capital city you’ll be visiting. It feels really like being in two separate places at the same time, just like instead of one trip you’ll be having one at day and a completely different one after nightfall. Besides the advantages making it a great hostel in itself, there’s a touristic background making you wish not to miss it. You should really book in advance because as fairy as it sounds there’s a high chance that you’ll find it entirely full because of the amazing arguments above.

Not more than 30 people live on this island all year long and the hostel is pretty flawless itself. Depending on fitting in some criteria, there are all kinds of discounts and concessions available, the self-catering kitchen is equipped with all the necessary things to cook yourself an amazing dinner, you can rent bicycles if you’d like to get to know the area and visit the island (there are some attractions here as well), credit card is accepted, because it’s not quite in the middle of civilization you’ll find a bar/café here to suit your needs along with a basic store. The sheets are for hire and there are family rooms available for whoever wants some privacy during the stay. You can find a beach at the hostel and if it doesn’t suit you, there are some other ones available on the island.


4. Fridhemsplan is really close to the city center, in case you don’t like the last hostel you’ve just finished reading about. It’s Stockholm’s largest and one of the most modern hostels. Among the basic facilities you’ll find using the kitchen, 24 hours reception, credit card is accepted, the Wi-Fi is free and ready to use, the beds are hotel-like – very comfortable – and the laundry and towel services are free, as well as the breakfast buffet served every day. From bacon to eggs, many kinds of cheese, ham, bread, yogurt, vegetable, juice, coffee or tea you’ll find everything here at your service just to make your day as good as possible.

Being placed next to the city center, there are lots of things to see and visit just at your feet so oversleeping a little in the morning isn’t a problem if you decide to stay here. The staff’s very friendly and polite as well, and the place is really clean. It’s really not like a hostel thanks to the modern equipment, making it look more like a hotel with hostel pricing policy. The showers are excellent, especially after a long day with lots of walking, and even the shared bathrooms are spotless thanks to the effectiveness of the staff.



Booking hostels online. The ABC of important sites

We all know how important it is to find the perfectly suitable accommodation so serve your needs and to be affordable at the same time. It’s even more important if you know that over 70 per cent of the travelers who aren’t happy with their last vacation associate the most unpleasant happenings with their accommodation and you wouldn’t want that happening to you. So that’s that: you’re a budget traveler looking for a place to stay. The thing is you really have to take lots of things into consideration when choosing a hostel. Off the top of your head it is the quality-price report, and yes, it’s usually the most important. Another thing to be taken seriously is the area where the hostel is, as well as the kind of people visiting the place.


You may pick different hostels from the same trip if you’re traveling with your girlfriend the first time and with your friends or parents the second. Unfortunately, hostels’ sites aren’t always reliable. This is when a third actor comes into discussion: the specialized sites giving reviews from people who have been to some hostels and are willing to share their experiences. And while not all the users are fair, most of them don’t lie on the internet because at their turn they choose the hostels on basis of others’ reviews. So the first thing we know about these sites is that they’re self-regulatory. The second thing you’d like to know are, perhaps, the most popular and trustworthy sites of this kind.

1. is the place where you’ll find over three and a half million guest reviews from people who have visited different hostels and B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast for the ones who aren’t familiar with the term) from over 180 countries of the world, a number of over 35, 000 accommodation places. The review system makes the site trustworthy, and the grades and stars given are to be seriously regarded before making such a choice. For instance, we wouldn’t really recommend a place with an overall review of less than 75%, while 70 per cent means you should really run away. Because each of the services in reviewed in particular, you have even more opportunities to choose from. If hostel A and B offer the approximate same services but B seems to be cleaner as the reviews show and you’re a sort of a freak about this (or it’s simply something very important to you), your decision’s already made. Plus, the property type doesn’t only include hostels so if you’re looking for a different type of accommodation this site’s appropriate for any kinds of needs.

This is, perhaps, the most popular site of hostel bookings. The amazing thing besides ranking any hostel according to the travelers who have submitted reviews and comments is that there are no booking fees. So besides being a reliable source with an amazing capacity, it’s also a place to be trusted. The accommodation you’re looking for is not only found to best fit your interests, but its booking price is also automatically transformed into your country’s currency so that the math’s easier for you. Everything here is designed to be user-friendly and reliable.


2. Hostels on  is a place where you can book and search for hostels without any problem. Its over 27,000 destinations included cover most of the world’s touristic attractions. The fact that is such a successful site is the perfect guarantee that you’re not wasting your time and the source is reliable. Also, the booking made here is one of the most secure on the internet, mainly because of their reputation and the responsibility that comes with it. Plus, a great thing on this site is that you can also take care of other issues of your trip, such as mapping some important key destinations you’d love to visit or finding an affordable car rental company to best fit your budget.


3. is one of the best specialized sites giving you in real time the possibility to know how many rooms are free where you want to make the reservations, as well as what’s the most affordable hostel near some specific destinations or what’s the starting price for a bed in a hostel (depending on your specifics: if you’d like it with shared or private bathroom, in a room of 6, or 4 or maybe in a private one, if you’d like the breakfast included etc.). From apartments and guesthouses to campsites, any information you need is on this site. On Trustpilot, the site is ranked as being excellent (with a score of 9.3 out of 10). Again, as high ranking bring responsibility, there’s a clear case of site doing its job.


4. is, finally, the fifth very popular web destination for hostel bookings. Over 43,000 listings in almost 10,000 cities make it the biggest database of its kind currently on the internet. So the search results here are, most importantly, diversified. Besides providing updated photos and prices of the suggested places, you’ll also find (sometimes) shockingly honest reviews from travelers who have been disappointed or, on the contrary, very satisfied with their choices. The community of travelers who vote here are not only trustworthy (as are all the other ones), but very open in saying the most minor things that can make the difference from horrible to decent or from fine to amazing.




European accommodation that accepts bitcoin


Now that Russia’s declared bitcoin as illegal, you may ask yourselves where in the world this form of payment’s still accepted. For those of you who don’t understand what we’re talking about, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system as well as an internationally accepted currency that is digital, also called cryptocurrency since it uses cryptography systems for the payment to take place. The payment process is called mining and it is used to describe the entire procedure. People who use bitcoin have registered to sell or buy bitcoin on internationally accredited sites.

Especially during 2008 and 2011 there have been many hostels, hotels and companies accepting bitcoin as a valid form of payment, but the number of businesses to accept it today is very low because of the illicit activities it’s associated with and the major lack of transparency in the system which makes it impossible to have a proper leverage, reason for which the value of the currency has experienced a major drop during the last two years.

However, if you’re in the position to still have bitcoin and you find it useless, here’s a list of places you can visit that still accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Teddy Bear Hostel, Riga

Latvia’s a great place to visit and we’re sure you know all the possible reasons that make it famous, and this hostel doesn’t only accept bitcoin but independently it’s a great place for staying whenever you decide to visit. You can check-in at any hour since the reception program is 24/7, you’ve got all the commodities including free Wi-Fi, free guest PC in case you didn’t bring the technology with you, free tea and coffee, great staff – very friendly and willing to help with whatever information you’d like to know. And apart from this, you’ll find the bicycle hire, pets are allowed in private rooms and you’ll have a free simple breakfast every morning. The security system is up to date and working, you’ve got lockers, the neighborhood is a peaceful place right in the middle of the city so there’s nothing to be worried about.


Bed and breakfast Del Corso, Napoli, Italy

Just like the previous hostel we’ve recommended, this is not just a place for bitcoin rich people. We’d clearly advise you to go there even if you’d pay on euro or any other currency; it’s not the type of option to offer because it fits one single criterion. In fact, it really matches any kind of expectancy. The hostel is friendly for any type of possible traveler: either you’re having a holiday with your family, your children or your significant other or you’re on a business trip, there’s nothing more you could wish. The staff is so warm and friendly that’s going to make you come back, the rooms are always spotless, and the location of the hostel is central. As long as you book in advance, this is the best and safest place to be.


Hotel Coppede, Rome

The third place is a hotel and what most recommends it is not accepting digital payment, but the fact that the atmosphere is very hostel-ish. Hotel Coppede is a great choice for anyone out there who’s not a very limited budget traveler, but a bohemian budget traveler who sometimes decides to spend some extra money on elegance and comfort. Located in Parioli, one of the central neighborhoods of Rome, this is exactly where you’d go to feel the true Italian atmosphere – a three star hotel to make you feel bourgeois in a specific way.