Best hostels in Sao Paulo for any type of traveler there is

Since the World Cup’s going on and there’s been a massive number of complaints about the conditions in which everything happens, we thought that it would be a good idea to separate the stereotype from the facts. Indeed, Brazil is a developing country, and while you may not like everything about it, you should know that if you’re planning on visiting it and you’re on a budget, there are a few select truly beautiful places that would make a great place to stay in. Telling you about some of them would only do this place justice.

Caution: we’re not saying Sao Paulo is heaven (it’s not impossible to say this, it’s just debatable), we’re only here to make you calm down and not cancel your plans.

Hostel We Design – Their motto is Simple is classy and it suits them well. They’re clean, tidy, they perfectly know what kind of image to send and they’re clearly aware of their potential. The design is a combination of minimalist with bohemian elements and accessories.


We Design


What kind of backpacker do I have to be? If you want to fit in just perfectly, you should be the kind of traveler who loves to have a good read at night after a busy day, who likes socializing and little chit chats, who would always prefer a board game and a glass of wine to a loud party in the club. The very clean and clear identity of this hostel makes it straight that they do like what they’re doing. And in order for the staff to be always happy and cheerful, you should be a nice guest – polite, willing to share experiences whenever you’ve got some free time without following them like a freak. Vila Mariana is a traditional, quiet neighborhood and you’ll only feel great here if you’re looking for living some genuinely local experiences, if you’re planning on observing their everyday life and understanding their style.

We Design

Four, six, seven or eight-bed dorms are your disposal here, there’s also a suite for the women who wouldn’t like to stay in mixed dorms. Living here would cost you approximately $40 a night, and this is not very expensive for someone who’s going to live the Brazilian life. You can also opt for a bed for two, but since this is a premium hostel, it’s going to cost you approximately $50 per night. Given that regardless of your room you’ll have a balcony where you can have your coffee in the morning while reading their papers or checking the press online (there’s free Wi Fi), this is well spent money if you’re not on a very tight budget.

Hostel Casa Club – Now let’s suppose you’re the party-hard, never-sleep, get-wasted-and-make-friends type of traveler. Sao Paulo’s got something just for you as well. Of course, the hostel’s in a different neighborhood, Vila Madalena.

The place is colorful, happy and always full of people. Of course, nobody takes the time to look at the hostel per se, because people here are really busy socializing. The kind of travelers who book beds here always know what they want: fun! Lots of fun and then repeat. There’s a reason why they call it hostel bar. But don’t be under the wrong impression – they’ve got lots of facilities here and it’s the kind of hostel perfect for backpackers on a budget.

Casa Club

There are always lots of events planned here, from concerts to parties and people get to know each other pretty well. Laundry services, lockers, a very pretty restaurant, night club, smoking zone, WiFi, breakfast, air conditioning, towels and linen – they’re all at your disposal as long as you’re willing to have some good quality fun.

A 16-bed dorm with private bathroom starts from $35, and one with 8 beds from $40. Also, a 6-bed female dorm is also $40, in case you’ve got such preferences. A 40-minutes drive distance from the airport is not this much, and there’s always the possibility, if you’re not short of money, of taking the approximately $50 taxi ride.

Casa Club

Great hostel staff, friendly, warm people – are going to make your stay even better. Don’t imagine the partying as something awfully wrong – it’s not. It’s the fun, natural kind of great mood you get to borrow from the locals who sometimes come here as well, because of the atmosphere.

As about during the day, you can relax and read something as well as you could go and explore the city – you’ll certainly find some local willing to show you their national pride, and we’re not even kidding! Brazil is a very beautiful country, full of specific details, great views and many things to explore.

Hey hostel is the great place for those of you who’ve always felt the bohemian spirit as a natural way of being. In other words, we’d like yo recommend you the coziest place you’ll find in whole Sao Paulo, let alone the friendliest and most colorful. It’s got everything that makes a hostel great in terms of facilities, from linen and fully equipped chicken to books at your disposal, free Wi Fi, DVDs with movies etc.

Hey Hostel

The lamps above every bed make it even more special. The entire experience here is somehow personal and has a lot to do with making the traveler feel, if not like home, like he belongs here. And what’s pretty amazing about this place is that they also succeed every single time. It is a new hostel and you can see this from the way it looks. It’s comfortable and it looks just like the perfect place to spend your holiday.

From $24 every night in case you’re willing to stay in a dorm with 12 beds, to $36 for a room with 6 beds, the hostel charges $40 a night for a room with 4 beds. It’s not only comfortable and cozy, it’s also cheap compared to the standards of the services.

Hey Hostel


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