Interview with Irina from Oasis Hostel in Granada, Spain

This summer may be hot (thanks, global warming), but it’s never hot enough until you head on to sunny Spain! Granada is located in the southern part of the country, and it’s known for its warm people, Moorish influences, and delicious food. Today we’ll be talking to Irina, who came to Granada all the way from Latvia!

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Travel-Hostel: Hi and thanks for chatting with us! First of all, tell us a bit about yourself, the hostel, the cultural mix and how the Oasis Hostel [Facebook] works.

Irina: Hi there! Right now Oasis staff is a great mix of people from all the world: we only have few Spanish guys,all the rest are from all over Europe, including such a secluded and lost as Latvia (myself) haha. We are so different and maybe that’s what keeps us going ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a bit of everything.

TH: From my experience, these are the best hostels, where everything is like a fuit salad ๐Ÿ™‚ How would you describe a regular day of the life – what you do, the different things and situations you get in contact with, what kinds of problems you run in to?

Irina: I am running the reception work so my day normally starts with a cup of coffee and a quick check of everything what has happened the night before and organizing the hostel work for the next day.

Describing it in few words it is very dynamic and crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anything can happen, but we always hold on to keep calm in any situation.

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TH: What makes your place different from a hotel? Is it the spirit/concept, or just because itโ€™s cheaper? And what would be these differences?

Irina: The key word is atmosphere. I really think “Oasis” is famous for it. I have stayed in a lot of hotels and despite the fact that the rooms are more comfy and quiet, the lack of atmosphere and sympathy makes hostels look a better option to me . It is also great for a solo traveler to get to know people and have fun– no hotels would provide you this!

TH: People in your city โ€“do they usually go to alternatives to hotels or hotels? And why do you think this happens?

Irina: I ฬd say is 50/50. Elder people or couples would go to the hotels while the young people prefer hostels. Granada is an amazing city where you can find absolutely everything you need.

TH: Whenever you go to a new city, you always find out some things only after you get there. Could you tell us your best insider tips for anyone who comes and visits the city?

Irina: My tip would be : “Don ฬt be afraid to come to the desk and ask for any information or tip, even if you think you questions may sound silly!” Who knows, maybe you will get to experience something you would never guessed or find on internet or in a tourist guide ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let the locals share their favourite things with you!

TH: Estimate (on the spot, just estimate) an average 7 day trip to your city.

Irina: Granada is an amazing city. A lot of tourists come thinking they only going to spend one night here and end up staying 1 or even 2 weeks. First of all, the Alhambra of course – our most famous palace , the gem of Andalucia. Museums, caves, flamenco shows – this is just a short list of what you can do here.

Alhambra is the most famous castle in Spain - and one of the most famous in Europe. It's often called the Jewel of Andalucia. Image via Planetware

Alhambra is the most famous castle in Spain – and one of the most famous in Europe. It’s often called the Jewel of Andalucia. Image via Planetware

We have ski resort Sierra Nevada 40 min drive from the center and beaches less than 1 hour away. What more can you ask for? And don’t forget about FREE tapas in any restaurant (that’s also a big reason for people to stay longer hahaha).

TH: Well let me tell you – skiing is not something I’d have expected in southern Spain! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tell us about your experiences – the people you meet, the best and worst experience. What is it that you learned, do you happen to have any advice for travelers or for other hostel managers based on your experiences?

Irina: I learned to be very patient. People all are different, we are lucky enough, most of our guests are great. For me, the worst thing is being disrespectful and having rude behaviour. Unfortunately, some people do not respect other travellers and act like if it was their house ( in a bad way). Drunks are another issue, but we try to control them and close bar at a reasonable time haha ;)) My advice for other managers would be: be patient! and for the guests: respect your fellow travellers and make the place and everyone in there happy!

TH: Do you happen to have any information about fake reviews (because apparently thatโ€™s a thing)?

Irina: Mmm… I heard that some newly opened hostels that still dont have any reviews write good ones for themselves… Well, I can only say I’m glad we do not have to do that.

TH:ย  Yep, it’s quite a nasty practice, and unfortunately, it seems to be spreading more and more. So, to conclude things, tell me what do you like to do on vacation and why?

Irina: Hahah obviously to travel!

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