Ridiculously Cheap European Hostels for your Winter Travels

Whether you like hostels because of the atmosphere, because you like meeting new people or for whatever other reason, the fact that hostels are cheaper is also a welcome advantage. But while that’s true for the entire year round, it’s even more so in the off season. Here is a list of ridiculously cheap (and awesome) hostels you can choose for your autumn and winter travels:

Czech Republic, Prague

PLUS Prague Hostel (2.5 euro / $3.1).

Prague is an amazing city – be sure to plan a trip there if you haven’t already. Image credits: NY Times.

Seriously, you can stay in Prague, in the heart of Europe for $3. How awesome is that?! The offer is available in the 12 people room for a maximum stay of 3 nights however, and you can also opt for breakfast for a price of 5 euro – two times more than for the room.

The price is so low that I had to double check to see if it’s right. Oh, and if you’re thinking the hostel is clearly lower quality because of the price, well, think again! It has a really good rating of 87% on Hostel Bookers, and the reviews I’ve read were pretty good.

Apparently, the only thing people aren’t especially satisfied with is the fact that even though the hostel is big and has many visitors, there’s no big area to socialize.

Czech Inn (4 euro / $5)

Apparently, the offer is available only for the 8 bed male-only dorm. There is also a huge 36 bed dorm which costs 50% more (for whatever reason). The maximum stay they allow is 7 days, and there is a minimum period of 2 days between check out and check in – I can only imagine that because it’s so cheap, people actually use it to live there, or at least spend lots of time there.

Miss Sophie’s (4 euro / $5)

The same price, but again, the offer is available only for guys, this time in an 18 bed dorm. If you want to spend time in the mixed room, the fee is more than double at 9 euro.

What I found interesting is that this hotel has a rating of 91% over at Hostel Bookers, so again, it’s likely top quality (though that type of reviews can often be misleading).

Sir Toby’s (4 euro / $5)

I don’t know who Toby is, but he’d likely get along with Miss Sophie, because the price is identical. Again, the offer is available only for guys, but the good news is that the 12 mixed or female dorm in the hostel is much cheaper, at under 7 euro.

You’ll have to catch a tram to get downtown fast, but there are plenty of sights and marketplaces in the neighborhood to make for a nice yet lengthy walk.

Poland, Krakow

Benedict Hostel (3.8 eur / $4.7)

Krakow – a truly beautiful city. Image credits: Sumfinity.

It’s not just the Czechs who offer incredibly low prices for hostels. Krakow is an amazing city with a vibrant life and lots of history – and they’re really determined to bring travelers there. So determined that you can stay in an awesome hostel like Benedict for under 4 euro!

Oh, and no more “males only” like in Prague – the offer is available for both the 9 and 6 bed dorm in shared rooms. The location is also good, a mere 5 minute walk from the city center. The only thing you should be careful with is that they don’t accept credit cards.

Atlantis Hostel (5 euro / $6.24)

I told myself I won’t be including any hostels with prices of 5 euro. Yep, that’s pretty much where we draw the “ridiculously cheap” line, and the Atlantis hostel just barely fit in. You get to sleep in the 10 bed mixed dorm. I really like their by-line:

Hostel Atlantis, with one of the lowest prices in the centre of Krakow, guarantees comfortable conditions, safety, an ideal location, and the friendly services of our young receptionist team.

Do you need anything else? Probably not. So why pay more?

Yeah, pretty good point there.

Dizzy Daisy Hostel (4.8 euro / $6)

The Dizzy Daisy is one of the first hostels in Krakow, and to this day, it has maintained its youthful and pleasant spirit. I’ve actually been here, and it was really nice. They offer free tea and apples, as well as other snacks they might have available. The courtyard is also really nice, and all in all, it’s a great value for the money.

Hi 5 Hostel, Budapest (4.8 euro / $6)

The Hi 5 Hostel is a great place to have fun and meet new people. They often do drinking parties, pub crawls… drinking crawls… you get it.

There will be music, there will be drinking and people just having a general great time!

I dislike the fact that they mention that the hostel is not for people over 30.

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