About us

Travel Hostel was born as an initiative to promote hostel traveling and connect people to the best hostels, and the people who work behind the counter. We come from different backgrounds, we sometimes like different things, but one thing binds us all together: our passion for travel!

Who we are

We are a group of young and passionate students and graduates who love traveling – and we also love hostels. We feel like it’s the most personal and interesting way to travel – and it’s really cheap too! We’ve tried it a lot, in many countries, and it was always fun and interesting.



Livia studies communication and marketing, and what she likes most is to travel! She likes to stay off the beaten path and find the lesser known attractions. She believes that a traveler is always rich, because it’s not about the money you have, but about the things and places you’ve seen.

She also thinks that the best traveling spots are yet to be discovered – and she hopes to one day promote them.



Tibi is a student of mechanical engineering, now focusing on renewable energy, motivated by a deep concern for the environment. He loves the finer pleasures in life, and believes that few things are better than a glass of wine and a good song.

He’s also a party animal – you can find him having fun or DJing in the club all night, and he’s always the one to find the best parties.



Andrei is a graduate in Geophysics, now studying Environmental Sciences. He loves nature and traveled throughout most of Europe; he really likes to explore and discover new places and meet new people while immersing himself in the local culture.

You can find him walking around in new places all day, trying the local foods and drinks, trying his best to talk to the locals.

What you’ll find here

Travel Hostel aims at promoting hostel as accommodation which is not only fun and cheap, but also sustainable and interesting. We will provide insightful reviews, tips from our own experience, sometimes our own ideas and routines – all in all, anything that we believe can improve your hostel experience.

Sometimes we will focus on specific hostels, talking to the manager, discussing pros and cons, the like; other times, we’ll offer more general tips, or simply stuff that we think is cool! We’ll feature reviews, interviews, and news related to hostel traveling. To cut it short, we plan to write useful, exciting articles which will help you as a traveler, or at the very least, make you more interested in traveling.

You can always contact us for more information or feedback – we’d love to hear from you!

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