Packing hacks that will turn every girl’s nightmare into fun


There’s more than one hack you can use to store your jewelry better during your travel. Depending on the nature or the length of your trip, there are different tips you could use to keep your jewelry safe and arranged.

  • One option is putting it between two sheets of plastic wrap so it won’t move around and tangle inside your luggage.
Wrapping jewelry via Kathleen Kamphausen

Wrapping jewelry via Kathleen Kamphausen

  • Losing small earrings is a pain in the ass. Buttons, on the other hand, are large enough not to get lost. Keeping the earrings together on a button doesn’t only prevent losing the pair, but it also helps you not to lose one earring from the other. Honestly, how many times have you only found one unmatched earring and how annoying is this?

Earrings on button holes via Kathleen Kamphausen

  • And if you’re simply out of buttons, old pill containers will also do the job, as well as will old balm containers.

Pill containers for earrings via

Packing hacks via

  • Just like one of the earrings magically disappears sometimes, the necklace manages to twist and gets knotted in ways Poppeye the Sailor Man himself wouldn’t imagine. To avoid this kind of situation, use a straw to keep your necklace straight.  If you’re tired of getting your jewelry all bundled up, here’s an easy solution.

Thread your necklaces through straws via

Packing hacks for women via

  • After you’ve done all this, the best place to put the straws and the buttons is an oven mitt. After placing them inside (perfectly safe from being lost or getting knotted, you can wrap it up and then use it as a bracelet holder.
Oven mitt as bracelet holder via Sonia's Travels

Oven mitt as bracelet holder via Sonia’s Travels


Because no woman ever leaves her home without looking as if she’s about to meet her worst enemy, cosmetics will always be part of our luggage, whether we’d like to admit it or nor. But we can do this intelligently as well.

  • For instance, instead of carrying the entire collection of shampoos and creams and body lotions, empty pill bottles may come in handy. Depending on the length of your trip, it’s really easier to put cosmetics in small containers.
Cosmetics in pill bottles via

Cosmetics in pill bottles via

  • And if you’re done with your cosmetics and still have some spare empty pill bottles, you can use them for Q-tips as well.

Q-tips in pill bottles via

  • As about your toiletries, because they’ve somehow managed to leak and spread on your finest clothes, the best solution is to put some plastic wrap over the opening.

Plastic wrap -the problem solver via

  • Another perfect solution for storing make up of any kind (from foundation to eyeshadow) is by putting it in old contact lens containers. This way, you’ll only take with you the necessary for your trip instead of just leaving with your entire cosmetics collection.

Contact lens container comes in handy via

Image via

  • But if your trip isn’t going to be long enough for you to even need these, you can always coat the ends of cotton swabs in your favorite shades of eyeshadow, and then put them in a plastic sandwich bag.

Q-tips via Kathleen Kamphausen

  • Don’t break the make up products! Especially the ones with mirrors, such as the powder. Instead, add a cotton pad or a cotton ball inside the compact before packing it. Make sure your make up is going to look as good as you are.

Cotton pads get the job done via

  All the other sorceries

  • The flat iron can easily be placed in a potholder. This way, even if it’s still warm and you’re in a hurry, there will be no harm done. This hack is especially good if you’re going on a trip where you know you won’t be having too much time in between different events.

The flatiron solution via

  • There’s always a lottery whether your perfume bottle is going to be intact or not, and in order to avoid a Schroedinger’s cat experiment with every trip you take, our advice is to put the bottles inside socks to prevent them from breaking.

Perfume keeps you classy via Kathleen Kamphausen


  • Again, depending on the nature of your trip, you may be compelled to take a razor with you, regardless of your fancy shaving methods at home. In this case, a binder clip will prevent it from ruining the razor heads.

Razor problem, solved! via

  • Shoes can be easily covered with a shower cap. Yes, we know, you wouldn’t pack  your dirty shoes in the luggage, but the real question is if you’ll have the necessary time to clean them spotless every time. And even if you do, come caution never killed anyone.

Shoes are also safe via Kathleen Kamphausen

  • And if you’re looking for packing-ception, you can even store socks and all kinds of small cosmetics inside your shoes, in case you’re in a need for even more space.

Be practical via Kathleen Kamphausen

  • Because some of us really care a lot about being clean no matter what, a good idea would be to protect your delicates from the rest of the items in your luggage by putting them inside a little cloth bag that you’ve got from a pair of shoes or a new purse.

Cloth bag magic via

  • The hair pins are always hard to find and they’ve also got their own way of disappearing when you most need them – especially when it’s extremely windy outside or in the mornings when your hair just won’t stau the way you want it to. But an empty Tic-Tac container solves this problem too.

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